SFUNGA Organic Sea Sponge

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Authentic SFUNGA 100% Natural Greek Sea Sponge

Authentic SFUNGA is 100% natural Greek sea sponge. Hand-picked, hand-cleaned, sun-dried and unbleached. 4,5-5" honeycomb premium quality with customizable box option for a perfect gift.


SFUNGA sponge is the highest quality sea sponge existing on the world’s market. It cannot be mistaken by its widely sold counterparts that are picked from other seas and are far inferior in quality and durability. SFUNGA sponge is extremely soft and gentle to newborn and adult skin. Its daily use promotes healing due to its deep exfoliation properties.

SFUNGA sponge releases sea salts and minerals into the skin, promoting healing and making it stronger to combat environmental pollution and UV exposure. Your skin will be visibly softer, healthier and more radiant. Daily body washing with SFUNGA sponge can be compared to swimming in the sea.  Each sea sponge is carefully hand-picked, hand cleaned and naturally disinfected by sun drying.


We do not use bleach or any harmful chemicals. Our harvesting process is executed in a way that has no harmful impact on the environment. More we harvest, better the sea sponges colonies thrive. We follow fair trade rules and only use recycling packaging. We do not test on animals. Our sponge is vegan-friendly. 

Each box for the natural sea sponge is made from recycled material and hand decorated @enikeoros, Hollywood movie industry designer. You can customize each box with printed initials or with a short message that will be printed on a card and placed inside the box. The message should be no longer than 250 characters. The box on its own offers value, it can be kept as a luxury storage box for cards, jewelry or other small collectibles. 

100% Natural Sea Sponge is a unique and original gift that can be offered at dozens of occasions: pregnancy parties, baby showers, weddings, engagements, birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Use for daily face and body wash that cleans and exfoliates deeply and at the same time is being amazingly gentle

Ideal for people with sensitive skin, newborn babies, children, pregnant women, sensitive surfaces and washing of pets. Can be used as all natural feminine hygiene tampon, facial makeup removal tool, deep exfoliation, ideal for application of body oils and lotions

This is Authentic SFUNGA Sponge. Certificate of authenticity is included in the box. 

SFUNGA sponge can last on average of 7 years of daily use if sanitized and cared for properly. See enclosed instructions after purchase.

Use of soap or shower gel can be dramatically reduced since it is not necessary, the sponge perfectly cleans the skin on its own.

    J K Luxury European Products 

    Established in 2017 by Dr. Kate Janik, this company has as the main goal promoting of skin health through daly use of organic products and essentials.

    Today's world of technology and fast living is slowly, but surely starting to turn its eyes back on nature, health and respect for body and environment. More and more people realize that healthy lifestyle is an inevitable part of happy and successful life. Investing in our health is the best investment we can make.  

    J K Luxury European Products focuses on bringing to the world European made, 100% pure organic, natural and healthy cosmetics and essentials for everyday use that are only of premium quality and that can be used for all skin types from three months old babies to every age and skin type living in all climates of our beautiful planet Earth. All ingredients are carefully chosen in a way that their harvesting or production has no harmful impact on the environment. Each ingredient must be natural and 100% organic.

    We focus on chemical changes that are actually natural biological processes such as distillation, fermentation or cold press, guaranteeing complete omittance of chemicals or chemical processes used in conventional cosmetics such as heating, using synthetic vs. natural ingredients and adding toxic ingredients such as parabens, silicons, mineral oils, petroleum products etc. We follow fair trade rules and only use recycling packaging, heading towards compostable materials in a near future. We do not test on animals. All our products are Kosher, Halal and Vegan-friendly.

    Our packaging is original, designed by renowned European designer Eniko Orosz that works for Hollywood movie industry. Our boxes of natural sea sponges are hand-decorated what makes each box a unique collective piece prolonging its life and adding value to the customer. We call this process an "intelligent recycling". 

    Company's slogan, "Healthy Luxury" is describing luxurious nature of our products and their natural and healthy character.

    If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to Contact Us!

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