Dr Katarina Janik, born in Slovakia, studied Commercial Academy, made her first successful business at 16. Entrepreneur in blood, she studied at the University of Constantine the Philosopher, Cambridge and Harvard Universities. Dr Janik holds a Master of Arts degree in English Language and Literature and PhD. in translation and cultural studies.

In 2000, Dr Janik moved to Corfu island in Greece where she co-created four successful companies: Next Holidays - leading travel agency, The Ionian Pearl - luxury spa villa, Weddingscorfu - VIP wedding and event planner, The Ionian Eye - design boutique hotel.

In 2016 she co-authored and published the book with the title "The Prosperity Factor" with Joe Vitali (famous author and star of the Secret movie). Their book became an Amazon bestseller in only 6 days.

In 2019 she published another book with the title "The True Story of the Spiritual Awakening of the Lord Ganesha". An interactive beginners guide to spirituality, ideal for older children and adults interested in discovering life beyond our five physical senses. 

Over the years, Dr Katarina Janik, as a successful leading luxury tourism entrepreneur, developed a strong sense for style and luxury. She hosted dozens of VIP events attended by celebrities and political figures from all around the world. Based on her long term experience, she is able to select best, known to few, European natural and purest organic ingredients that will satisfy the most discriminate taste, offering a chance to introduce European high-end consumers' culture to the rest of the world.

In 2007 Dr Janik suffered acute acne that put her on the quest of trial and error through conventional medicine and cosmetics. Once she realized that there was no help for her there, she started to intensively study chemistry and ingredients of all products she has been using till then. With horror, she realized that her everyday essentials, in spite of being high priced products, were full of harmful chemicals such as parabens, petroleum products, mineral oils, silicons, phtalates, SLS etc.

She immediately switched to natural cosmetics and that was the breaking point when the healing process started. Within one year time, her skin became healed, with a much more youthful and illuminating look she never had before. Her life turned dramatically around from that moment on. 

She studied naturopathy in the Swiss Institute and promised to help others through sharing awareness about chemicals used in conventional cosmetics and offering 100% natural and organic solutions for all the family. Allowing the human skin to detoxify, heal and be able to fight and prevent diseases in order to live a higher quality of life that we all deserve.

She hired a team of biochemists that worked for 3 years on discovering formulas for JK JANIK series that are 100% natural, 100% organic and literally edible. Real food for the skin. 

In 2017 the skin range of JK JANIK was born and since then thousands of people around the world are using it. Hundreds of positive reviews are flooding the Internet. People with abrupt skin conditions are healing and become amazed about their skin's transformation. Women stop using liquid make-up, finally proudly wearing their own naked skin. 

For the health to show inside out, it needs to start from outside in - this is a personal motto of Dr Janik. 

JK Luxury European Products with the company's main slogan "Healthy Luxury" every day positively influences and transforms human skin and the future of the global cosmetology.